3days Nelson life was sick. I love the town. and We could ride from the top in the first time Nelson,White water. I’ll never forget all things at Nelson. Thanks Hiromi. Enjoy your life.

keep going keep smiling 

Thanks for good pow times. with itachan,Kaji,Yugo,Erika,Asuka. Photo: Kazushige.

I couldn’t get japanese pow today. but spent good times. hiking & shred with my best friends HYWOD crew. they are like my family or my home. I really feel being at home. I want to give something back to them one day, so I will keep going my way. peace. 


good experience in canada. Thanks to #heartfilms @yusasaki @keijitajima 

カナダは雪はイマイチですが、良い経験させてもらってますよ〜 ゆう君(スキー)とのセッションは新鮮で、今まであまりスキーに興味なかったけど、スキーの良さを発見する毎日です〜 


finally released my new website!! 

forest “ON THE WAY” #2 HYOGO 

2013.11.24 @tateyama 大きな自然を前に、小さな自分を感じました。

I got a forest Jacket!! This is Shinya Mizobata’s model from AA!!

Kazushige made new clip. It is Kyushu(west side in japan) snowboard culture video. We changed our mind at this time.

Web Shop Renewal!! New Hoody!! Release in a limited quantity!!  https://forestlog.stores.jp/ 

BIGTIME”Good 2 Go” release party tour in SENDAI with LSP & forest 初仙台っすーいぇーい!

I spent a lot of time with Shinya since we joined head snowboards team. We went to Colorado,Bear,LAAX,Austria,German,Hokkaido,Hakuba,Myoko,Gifu,Chiba,Tokyo.色々行ったねーしんやさん